HORROR On The Go Archival Episodes Are Now Available

It’s a glorious day here at BillChete.com as our conclusion has come to posting back all previous podcast episodes under our Archival Episodes page!

HORROR On The Go lasted over 3 years and had two iterations; 1.0 was with BillChete solo-casting covering a topic and mini movie review with guests from time-to-time; 2.0 Lady Phantom joined where we had many top lists, horror movie reviews, specials and guests, along with several episodes appearing alongside a YouTube video.

Now you have pretty much all episodes, even guest appearances BillChete has been apart of since 2009. That is over 10 years of back catalog shows to sink your teeth into.

FYI: BillChete was on “The Junk” from the end of 2005 through 2009 on a consistent basis, but that show the leader is nowhere to be found. If ever any episodes appear (and there were over 300 of them, approximately 200 BillChete co-hosted on) they will be posted here.

PS: BillChete started his podcasting journey in 2004 with Basketball Ballers and Tennis Today which lasted less than 25 episodes each and are completely gone as the individual owners of the content lost the episodes after closing down the websites.

FINAL NOTE: Some video content of BillChete and Lady Phantom will be posted when time permits under the Video Section right here on BillChete.com. Be on the lookout for that in the future.