Christine 4K Blu-ray Disc Review

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IMdB Storyline: In 1957, in Detroit, a red Plymouth Fury is built and is the cause of two accidents, one of them fatal, still in the assembly line. Twenty-one years later, the outcast and bullied nerd Arnold “Arnie” Cunningham is getting a ride with his best and only friend Dennis Guilder and he sees the wrecked car for sale in a garden. Arnie immediately falls in love with the car. The car was given the name Christine by its first owner. He brings the car to a repair shop of the despicable Will Darnell and works hard to restore the classic car. While he works in the restoration, he changes his personality to a cocky teenager and he dates the most beautiful girl in the high-school, Leigh Cabot. Soon Arnie becomes selfish and jealous of the supernatural Christine that kills everyone that is a threat to them.

Movie Review:
I must say in previous viewings I was tough on this film. I watched this first in my teenage years and wasn’t specifically scared and probably some of the plot points were over my head at the time. During other viewings the lead Keith Gordon got under my skin and took me out. On the latest viewing in this 4K format I was much more engaged and got really entangled in the story. This is damn good film, the special effects are incredible and the tone of the film remained somber and disturbing with a bit of mystery. Sound really punched and the climax is thrilling. I am still peeved that many of the victims ran down the middle of the street when a car is trying to mutilate you but I am happy I gave it another chance as I never would have without the new 4K Blu-ray Disc release.

I think this movie is actually very good. It gives you all the background you need in the first scene: this car is simply evil. Even right after coming out of the factory it starts killing, I guess just for kicks. The acting in this movie is very good in general. I wasn’t crazy about Leigh (Alexandra Paul) though; I thought she was a less credible character and Paul’s acting was weaker. The strongest one is definitely Arnie Cunningham (Keith Gordon). His transformation from geeky guy to extra confident, Christine-obsessed lunatic is striking. It was a bit quick for my taste, but excellent. The look in his eyes goes from lusty to lunatic in a split second. I also really enjoyed the character of Dennis (John Stockwell); it is refreshing to see a genuine nice guy and good friend. The music and special effects in this film are crazy good. I don’t know how they did half the things they did, and I don’t care. It’s a very scary movie with a very unusual killer. I only wish we had gotten to see the kills in all their glory. I don’t see many negatives in this movie. Leigh’s acting and the lack of kills are the most glaring ones. Set design, special effects, makeup, story, scare factor, sound and music, they’re all great.

4K Disc Quality:
I was stunningly surprised with this 4K disc, I was expecting a lackluster presentation but got just the opposite. It is vibrant, colorful, rich and the fire scenes which there are many are oh so luscious. There is film grain here but not as bad as you might expect. DNR was used and thankfully so, but it does have some detracting flaws in certain scenes. The audio sounded great even though there is little use in the overheads as typical with this type of film but the surrounds were utilized and the LFE punched. A great soundscape was provided during the action scenes. For a 37 year old film you will be impressed and enthralled about the HDR and it pleased me to no end.

The quality in the disc is surprisingly good. Very deep blacks, and the colors pop, especially Christine’s. There is a scene that involves fire, and it looks beautiful and bright. There is grain here and there, but nothing worthy of special mention. The sound is excellent as well. It seemed to be coming from everywhere, and that feels especially cool when Christine is revving. I’m really glad they released this film in 4K, because it really is the best way of watching it.

Breakdown of “Christine (1983)

Movie Rating  
BillChete:  8 (Buy) Lady Phantom:  8 (Buy)

4K Blu-ray Disc Grade  
BillChete:  B+ (Worthy) Lady Phantom:  B+ (Worthy)

Average 4K Disc Grade