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112. Massive Dogs Bit The Commuter

It’s 2023 and MOVIES in 4K is going to attempt to release a new episode each month for the whole year. If we hit our goal you will have 36 new 4K gradings to base your physical media purchasing power off of!

This is the start of our new theming here on the podcast where the show begins with a four movie … CONTINUE READING

111. Rankin Bass 4K Christmas Collection

HappyHolidays from the hosts and staff here at MOVIES in 4K! This episode will be the last one of the year and serve as the Christmas release to all of our listeners all over the world!

Rankin/Bass (master animators) was a thing back in the day and it was a surprising announcement that these long beloved TV Specials were coming to the … CONTINUE READING

110. SPECIAL! New Format

I bet you wasn’t expecting a release this quick, eh? Well…we have a major announcement with a new theming to MOVIES in 4K! Due to the response on Episode 108…and…to get more episodes out to you in a quicker span, we thought this change will come as a nice little surprise to the listenership.

Starting in 2023, our show will begin with a … CONTINUE READING