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HORROR On The Go Archival Episodes Are Now Available

It’s a glorious day here at as our conclusion has come to posting back all previous podcast episodes under our Archival Episodes page!

HORROR On The Go lasted over 3 years and had two iterations; 1.0 was with BillChete solo-casting covering a topic and mini movie review with guests from time-to-time; 2.0 Lady Phantom joined where we had many top lists, horror movie reviews, specials and guests, along with several episodes appearing alongside a … CONTINUE READING

New 4K Master List Added And Written Reviews On The Horizon

Just launched is our 4K Master List, which will encompass every single 4K Blu-ray Disc we have covered, reviewed, rated and graded right here on! This list will continue to grow week over week with a pleasing database of graded 4K Blu-ray Discs letting you know how good that Disc quality is in the Audio Department and Visually!

Our Top 10 Best Quality 4K Discs will remain on the Sidebar of every webpage … CONTINUE READING

All Videos For Grisly Zone Are Now Available

From the end of 2011 through the beginning of 2013 Grisly Zone was a hugely successful podcast that along with the audio there was a production of video episodes each and every week. This was a long format program that was the first to provide a consistent and regular horror show that could be watched. Even to this day, this has yet to be duplicated in the horror world.

These shows featured a knockdown/breakdown review … CONTINUE READING