Annihilation 4K Blu-ray Disc Review

Today we cover a 2018 release that is divided into many sub-genres. This is no cookie cutter movie and spans the gamut of movie making prowess. Annihilation stars the incredible Natalie Portman, a past her prime Jennifer Jason Leigh and Oscar Isaac playing the role of Kane. Movie reviews and disc quality reviews are color coded for your convenience, BillChete in orange and Lady Phantom in blue respectively.

IMDb Storyline: A biologist’s husband disappears. She puts her name forward for an expedition into an environmental disaster zone, but does not find what she’s expecting. The expedition team is made up of the biologist, an anthropologist, a psychologist, a surveyor, and a linguist.

Movie Review:
Bing! Bang! Boom! A release that coincides with our sister podcast, Horror Movie Weekly where BillChete, Lady Phantom and Jay of the Dead, just released the AUDIO summary and rating today. Click that Audio Link to listen to the analyzation.

4K Disc Quality:
This is primarily a solid release. I’ll start with the minor downfall; during the first quarter of the movie you get many minutes of muted coloring during scenes. It actually felt, and was probably so, shot on a different digital camera and the post processing wasn’t melded good enough. I wouldn’t say it was jarring, but noticeable. Now the great; the dark scenes were stunning! The deep dark blacks are amazing while the lighter scenes shine through with impeccable detail. There are many “picturesque” landscapes where you would want to print out and put up on your wall, it is that gorgeous! The “shimmer” that is in the film could’ve been blown out more which was a tiny letdown. The action scenes with the weird creatures were obviously fake, but for this movie the story combines different species so it looked cool, almost animatronic but it worked with the visual clarity. The Dolby Atmos track yet again should’ve had more overhead and surround placement but it did sound good. The sub or LFE was strong, rumbling tones that will shake pictures off the wall. Overall I really enjoyed the soundtrack, it was weird, freaky, malevolent and is a must-hear on a decent sound system. On closing, this is a very competent release that only struggled with the editing and post-work.

This 4K presentation is incredibly good. It has super dark blacks, really bright lights, a clean, pristine image, and a nice array of colors. The visual effects look beautiful, as do most creatures (especially some swimming ones). The fire doesn’t look very real, but if we go by the story, it wouldn’t necessarily look of this world; it’s shimmery fire. What really stood out to me was the wide color gamut, which gets a nice workout here. You get so many beautiful colors! Also, some pretty specular highlights. The sound is outstanding. You get sounds that come from everywhere, and the Atmos helps build the eerie atmosphere really well. It did distort a bit in a few parts, but nothing that sounds bad. All in all, I don’t think there’s any other way to fully appreciate this movie than in 4K.

Breakdown of “Annihilation (2018)

Movie Rating  
BillChete:  7.5 (Buy) Lady Phantom:  8.5 (Buy)

4K Blu-ray Disc Grade  
BillChete:  B+ (Worthy) Lady Phantom:  A- (Worthy)

Average 4K Disc Grade