114. They Live With A Creature Killer In The Lagoon

Lady Phantom aces this months Music Quiz, can you also? We thought this was a tougher soundtrack test but the Phantom proved her movie prowess by showing her talented cinephile status!

We start the movie reviews and 4K gradings with a movie that is on BillChete’s Top 30 Horror Movies of all time…Universal’s last monster, The Creature! Does this title garner a new 4K purchase? Onwards to a movie that flopped at the box office but has an amazing transfer on the 4K format. Lastly we cover a cheesy classic by some from the much beloved John Carpenter, “They Live”. This is a brand speaking new Steelbook release although it has been almost a decade on the format from other studios. Does this Shout Factory release deserve buying…we haven’t had one yet that has warranted that, does things change? Hit that Play button to listen in on a slightly longer episode to find out all of the glorious details!

Movies Covered On This Show:
timestamp >>> 21:45
* Creature From The Black LagoonBillChete: 10 / C | Lady Phantom: 6 / C | Average: 8 / C
* Hunter Killer BillChete: 6.5 / A | Lady Phantom: 3 / A | Average: 4.7 / A
* They LiveBillChete: 6 / D+ | Lady Phantom: 6.5 / D+ | Average: 6.2 / D+