112. Massive Dogs Bit The Commuter

It’s 2023 and MOVIES in 4K is going to attempt to release a new episode each month for the whole year. If we hit our goal you will have 36 new 4K gradings to base your physical media purchasing power off of!

This is the start of our new theming here on the podcast where the show begins with a four movie soundtrack music quiz, similar to the Spotify challenge named Heardle. Play along with Lady Phantom to guess the movie the short audio clip comes from to score a good grade that determines your film prowess! Then…we dive into the reason you’re here…three 4K movie reviews/ratings/gradings, focusing on how good of quality the 4K Disc is in Video, Audio, Special Features and Packaging!

We want to wish our listenership a safe, healthy and prosperous 2023!

Movies Covered On This Show:
timestamp >>> 18:45
* Reservoir DogsBillChete: 8 / B+ | Lady Phantom: 7 / B+ | Average: 7.5 / B+
* The Commuter BillChete: 6 / A- | Lady Phantom: 6 / B+ | Average: 6 / B++
* The Unbearable Weight Of Massive TalentBillChete: 5.5 / C+ | Lady Phantom: 8.5 / C+ | Average: 7 / C+