111. Rankin Bass 4K Christmas Collection

HappyHolidays from the hosts and staff here at MOVIES in 4K! This episode will be the last one of the year and serve as the Christmas release to all of our listeners all over the world!

Rankin/Bass (master animators) was a thing back in the day and it was a surprising announcement that these long beloved TV Specials were coming to the 4K format. Well…it’s here, being released on November 1st for families and children to see these newly reinvigorated timeless wonders for some possible ???eye candy??? Tune in now to find out if this $40 pseudo-boxset is worth that dough!

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Movies Covered On This Show:
* Frosty The SnowmanBillChete: 6 / F- | Lady Phantom: 1 / D- | Average: 3.5 / F
* Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer BillChete: 3.5 / D- | Lady Phantom: 3 / C+ | Average: 3.2 / D+
* Santa Claus Is Comin’ To TownBillChete: 4 / C- | Lady Phantom: 4 / C+ | Average: 4 / C