110. SPECIAL! New Format

I bet you wasn’t expecting a release this quick, eh? Well…we have a major announcement with a new theming to MOVIES in 4K! Due to the response on Episode 108…and…to get more episodes out to you in a quicker span, we thought this change will come as a nice little surprise to the listenership.

Starting in 2023, our show will begin with a 4 movie soundtrack music quiz, similar to the Spotify challenge that took the internet by storm named Heardle. Play along with Lady Phantom to guess the movie the short audio clip comes from to score a good grade that you can boast to your film friends! Then…instead of five movie reviews and 4K Blu-ray Disc gradings, we will go with THREE briefer movie summaries (to keep episodes around an hour), with a detailed description of how good of quality the 4K Disc is in Video, Audio, Special Features and Packaging!

This show will be the benchmark of how episodes will roll in 2023. We do have a scheduled release coming after Thanksgiving with 3 beloved Christmas stories on the 4K format in time for you to buy the Discs…if…and only if…your hosts think the 4K Blu-rays deserve your moolah before the holidays, to get you and your family in the mood for the festive season!

Movies Covered On This Show:
timestamp >>> 18:54
* EncantoBillChete: 5.5 / B+ | Lady Phantom: 9.5 / A | Average: 7.5 / A-
* I Know What You Did Last Summer BillChete: 7.5 / A- | Lady Phantom: 5.5 / A- | Average: 6.5 / A-
* PredatorBillChete: 7 / C+ | Lady Phantom: 4 / C+ | Average: 5.5 / C+