099. La La Land

Does the ode to Hollywood work in our coverage this week with La La Land from 2016? A film that received 6 Oscar nods which stars Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling. Oh boy do we have a lot to say about this dancing musical with a whimsical flare. How is the 35mm and 16mm shot film converted to the digital 4K Disc…does it appeal to 4K’ers? Is this a beautifully vibrant transfer? Does the Dolby Atmos track make you feel like you’re on Broadway at a theatre? You absolutely need to tune into this show as we debunk the love this flick has garnered in great detail.

MOVIES in 4K is where BillChete and Lady Phantom review, discuss, analyze, criticize and often times debate one movie that has been released on the 4K Blu-ray format each and every episode. Guiding you on the merit of the movie with recommendations and on the purchasing power of physical media.

Episode 099 breakdown of “La La Land (2016)

Movie Rating  
BillChete: 2 (Avoid) Lady Phantom: 5 (Avoid)

4K Blu-ray Disc Grade  
BillChete: F (Unworthy) Lady Phantom: D- (Unworthy)

Average 4K Disc Grade