077. Gattaca w/ Karl Huddleston

We have an incredible guest with us this week to help us review, rate and grade a film that was a box office bust in 1997. Known as Gattaca, a Sci-fi flick that is supposedly one of the most accurate scientifically releases to date. We breakdown the story and screenplay in detail without ever giving away any spoilers. We divulge our thoughts on the technicals, then we cover that all important 4K Blu-ray Disc A/V quality. Along with the Special Features that appear on this new Sony release.

A huge thank you goes out to Karl Huddleston from Movie Podcast Weekly for making his third appearance on our show! He is a longtime movie podcaster, actor and critic, and his expertise in the cinema is unparalleled. Check out the YouTube Video of The Villa that he discussed, and you can support Karl by following him on social media through Twitter.

MOVIES in 4K is where BillChete and Lady Phantom review, discuss, analyze, criticize and often times debate one movie that has been released on the 4K Blu-ray format each and every episode. Guiding you on the merit of the movie with recommendations and on the purchasing power of physical media.

Episode 077 breakdown of “Gattaca (1997)

Movie Rating    
BillChete: 6 (Rental) Lady Phantom: 7.5 (Rental) Karl Huddleston: 10 (Buy)

4K Blu-ray Disc Grade    
BillChete: B- (Worthy) Lady Phantom: B- (Worthy) Karl Huddleston: A- (Worthy)

Average 4K Disc Grade