065. Mortal Engines

We got a huge winner for you this week! Purchased at a discount price of only $11.99 we decided on taking a chance at reviewing and grading an unknown film to your charming hosts…and…it pays off tremendously. Mortal Engines is a post-apocalyptic film based on a book. What does your critics think of this story? Cities on wheels…really…does it work visually? Just how good is the 4K Blu-ray Disc? Does the sound effects spiral around you? Could we have a reference material title here? Don’t wait any longer, find out now by clicking on that Play Button!

MOVIES in 4K is where BillChete and Lady Phantom review, discuss, analyze, criticize and often times debate one movie that has been released on the 4K Blu-ray format each and every episode. Guiding you on the merit of the movie with recommendations and on the purchasing power of physical media.

Episode 065 breakdown of “Mortal Engines (2018)

Movie Rating  
BillChete: 7.5 (Buy) Lady Phantom: 7.5 (Buy)

4K Blu-ray Disc Grade  
BillChete: A+ (Worthy) Lady Phantom: A+ (Worthy)

Average 4K Disc Grade