062. Bonus – Tremors

Continuing onwards with an extra weekly release we cover a “Cult Classic” that was just released on December 15th, 2020 from Arrow Video titled Tremors, a comedy/horror mixture with a touch of action/adventure. This movie stars a young Kevin Bacon, Fred Ward, Michael Gross and the country/western singer Reba McEntire.

A super-large thanks goes out to Eric from Ann Arbor, Michigan for suggesting us to dive into Tremors, a highly anticipated limited edition 4K Box Set with tons of extra goodies that is sold at a premium price tag. BillChete actually seen this at the theater in his teenage years but does it hold up to scrutiny? How good is the creature design of the Graboids? For a 30-year-old movie does it warrant a 4K transfer? And how good are those visuals on UHD? Click that Play Button to find out the answers and much more!

MOVIES in 4K is where BillChete and Lady Phantom review, discuss, analyze, criticize and often times debate one movie that has been released on the 4K Blu-ray format each and every episode. Guiding you on the merit of the movie with recommendations and on the purchasing power of physical media.

Episode 062 breakdown of “Tremors (1990)

Movie Rating  
BillChete: 2 (Avoid) Lady Phantom: 1 (Avoid)

4K Blu-ray Disc Grade  
BillChete: D- (Unworthy) Lady Phantom: F+ (Unworthy)

Average 4K Disc Grade