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103. Holiday Edition – 5 Naughty Cut 4K Reviews

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from MOVIES in 4K! A new release comes your way just in time for the holidays. This is an eclectic show with reviews, ratings and gradings of 5 diverse films for all of you 4K fans out there. Hit that Play Button while trimming the tree and wrapping presents to enjoy a full fledged episode with … CONTINUE READING

102. Zack, Carlito & Howard Are Walking In The Cold

Five more 4K Blu-rays have been seen so it’s time for another episode of MOVIES in 4K featuring BillChete & Lady Phantom! Four of these movies covered are 2021 releases on the 4K format! Two brand new flix, one a 2019 film and the other two are catalog titles. Sit back, relax and enjoy this show for a full hour!

Movies covered on … CONTINUE READING

101. A Quiet Black Spider Thing On Elysium

We are back! We have decided to release new episodes after every FIVE (5) 4K Blu-ray Discs watched, instead of TEN. We hope you stood by us and remained subscribed, if not…or you are new to MOVIES in 4K then grab one of those subscriptions on the right side of every webpage here on BillChete.com!

Movies covered on this show: