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110. SPECIAL! New Format

I bet you wasn’t expecting a release this quick, eh? Well…we have a major announcement with a new theming to MOVIES in 4K! Due to the response on Episode 108…and…to get more episodes out to you in a quicker span, we thought this change will come as a nice little surprise to the listenership.

Starting in 2023, our show will begin with … CONTINUE READING

109. Superheroes, Monsters, Chucky And Tony Montana

Five movie reviews, five 4K gradings…are back…in full force! New releases…remasters of classics…and more! We made mention of a podcast release from Planet Macabre and wanted to link it here…Episode Number 11 from 2011, jump to 38min and 42sec to dig your teeth into a full review of Child’s Play…where BillChete and Lady Phantom have changed there mind on this so-called masterpiece … CONTINUE READING

108. Friday The 13th In 4K Plus Horror Music Quiz

It’s been a minute, but we are back with an entertaining show for you! We wanted to be the first podcast out there to cover the brand new, recently released Friday The 13th original slasher on 4K Ultra High Definition Blu-ray! This is the 7th format this brutal piece of cinema has appeared on making this an epic masterpiece standing the test of … CONTINUE READING