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114. They Live With A Creature Killer In The Lagoon

Lady Phantom aces this months Music Quiz, can you also? We thought this was a tougher soundtrack test but the Phantom proved her movie prowess by showing her talented cinephile status!

We start the movie reviews and 4K gradings with a movie that is on BillChete’s Top 30 Horror Movies of all time…Universal’s last monster, The Creature! Does this title garner a … CONTINUE READING

113. A Phantom Took A Train To The Fifth Street Opera

It’s our new theming continues and will prevail throughout the 2023 year with a 4-movie music test and then onwards and upwards to our 3-4K movie reviews with disc gradings!

We jump all the way back to the 40’s with a “classic” which is surely debatable. But…how did Universal do with an 80-year-old movie transferring it to the latest 4K format? Then…a 90’s … CONTINUE READING

112. Massive Dogs Bit The Commuter

It’s 2023 and MOVIES in 4K is going to attempt to release a new episode each month for the whole year. If we hit our goal you will have 36 new 4K gradings to base your physical media purchasing power off of!

This is the start of our new theming here on the podcast where the show begins with a four movie soundtrack … CONTINUE READING