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107. A Dozen Genres Variety Show

We have a doozy for you this episode. We cover the typical five movies that are listed in a multitude of genres so there is something for every film watcher in this show! You will be shocked, stunned and blown away that The Phantom has rated 3 out of 5 masterpieces…wowzers! Your announcers have vast differing opinions which makes for a MUST … CONTINUE READING

106. Ten Avengers Battled Five Alligators In Phoenix

We wrap up The Hobbit franchise (finally, whew!) and continue our march through the Harry Potter series on this episode. Staying in the fantasy realm we cover a much beloved superhero film, while concluding with 2 fairly new 4K releases! Smash that Play Button to tune in now!

Movies covered on this show:
* AlligatorBillChete: 6 / D+ | Lady Phantom: CONTINUE READING

105. A Hobbit Drinking Water From A Goblet Met Spiderman At The Casino

For only the 7th time in over 160 movies BillChete and Lady Phantom agree on a masterpiece with a perfect “10” rated movie! If that’s not enough, the couple undeniably agree on our 5th extremely impressive, top-notch, demo-worthy, absolutely incredible A+ 4K Blu-ray release which YOU MUST buy right now! All that goodness plus much more happens during this episode so … CONTINUE READING